Everglades National Park
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During a recent trip to Miami I spent a couple of hours in the Everglades National Park, on a guided tour provided by the Energlades Safari Park, conditions were not perfect as it was a cloudy and cool day in southern Florida, which ment that the Alligators in the park were pretty inactive as they maintain their body temperature by staying below the water, we were fortunate enough to see three Alligators in the wild, along with some of the other wildlife of the park.

Airboat rides are the only way to see the interior of the Everglades, and the guides know where they are likely to find the Alligators even when they are not active, and will stop in stratigic places to enable good views of the local wildlife.

Egret takes off from the Sawgrass swamp

Blue Heron fly’s over the Everglades


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